by Adsol, Human Boot Project



I stopped. There was no hint that there’d once been a door there, not a thing. I stamped my foot. I felt nothing under the grass. I walked around, to the wall we’d been put against, myself and my new wife, Miss O’Shea, with her cousin Ivan and the other cousin, as we were photographed on our wedding day, in September 1919. I could feel that day’s heat and shine as I turned the corner. I knew exactly where Ivan had placed his lads, to guard our normality for that one afternoon in the middle of the war. But there was no wall, no hint of dry clay where the wall had fallen, or hardness in the ground where it had stood. My trousers were wringing. It wasn’t raining but it must have been just before I’d paid the taxi driver and got out. I was in the middle of a field, in good wet grass. Not the edge of the field, where there’d once been a wall surrounding the kitchen garden I could have coped with that, the walls knocked and covered, topsoil thrown over the map of the house. That would have made sense; it had been a long time. But this was just weird. My angles were perfect. I’d walked exactly here, trying to feel running water, with my father’s wooden leg held in front of me, and I’d heard her voice – Two and two? – and I’d seen her boots and the laces made fat by the muck. But there wasn’t even muck here.


released May 20, 2017



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V.I.M.RECORDS Thessaloniki, Greece

V.I.M.RECORDS (VERY IMPORTANT MUSIC) is an Electronic label launched back in 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece. With three different divisions (V.I.M.BREAKS, V.I.M.TRONICA, V.I.M.TECH) and hunderds of releases by Greek and International artists V.I.M.RECORDS is one of the most creative and successful labels of the modern electronic scene! ... more

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